For Latter-Day Saints, modest outfits are a must. Because of the particular dress code that needs to be followed, many popular fashion styles today might not be prudent choices for you as an LDS woman.

It's a good thing, then, that modest fashion is taking over the industry! Creating fun, fab, and conservative looks for LDS women is now easier than ever—you can go from stylish sleeved blouses to trendy long skirts without even breaking a sweat.

There are tons of new LDS modest clothing options to choose from, and we’ve got the down-low right here. Check out these top fashion hacks on how you can create fashionable LDS modest outfits in a snap!

  1. Stock Up on Basics & Patterns

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

As a modest LDS woman, you no doubt already have a bunch of bottoms stocked up in your closet. There’s no reason, then, for you to abandon those trendy skirts and flowy dresses to rock your modern style! Not only are these the easiest pieces to choose from when you want to create stylish modest outfits for LDS women, but they are also appropriate for any occasion from morning ‘til night.

To expand your selection, use your knee-length skirts or your ankle-length dresses as your base when styling your outfits. Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to a wide variety of fashion choices by getting pieces that come in solid or neutral colours as well as bold prints or unique patterns.

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These pieces can be paired with most looks. With a bold or printed skirt, you can cut down on the accessories and keep things nice and subtle. Earth coloured tones and neutral patterns tend to look more down-to-earth and casual, making them great choices for everyday outfits. On the flip side, argyle, chevron, and gingham patterns look cleaner but still fun for days when you want to opt for a smart casual look.

  1. Rock Out-of-the-Box Designs

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If you want to stay on the safe side, three-quarter lengths or long sleeves are excellent choices for styling LDS conservative outfits. Keep in mind that long sleeves don’t just mean sticking to straight cuts—nowadays, there are tons of varying sleeve designs you can choose from. Don't be afraid to try out the best look for you and you just might find your next closet fave!

More and more designers are thinking up ways to jazz up your regular sleeved blouses. If you can’t wear sheer fabric or plunging necklines, who says you can’t add an extra oomph to your look? Fun and funky sleeves can be the unique factor in your outfit for that added layer of dimension and personality. 

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It’s also always a good idea to invest in tops made from different materials, as varying fabrics can make a huge difference to the style of your outfit. Who would have thought that something as simple as fabric can change up your look drastically? Go for the ones that highlight extra designs that stand out, like a tie-around waist or collar, or a high neck top in satin for more style diversity. 

  1. If Sleeveless, Cover Up

Source: Gal Meets Glam

Let's face it—sometimes, the clothes that fit your body perfectly come in designs that you don't usually go for. Don't despair! If you're eyeing that beautiful sleeveless white dress, you can still get it and rock your modest look. It’s all about coverage, after all—and your timeless layers can do just the trick.

There are many ways to cover up your sleeveless favourites. The easiest style to go for is learning to layer your clothes the right way—tailored, relaxed, and comfy as can be.

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It’s a good thing that the rules for LDS conservative clothing aren’t overly strict. As long as you can cover up your sleeveless clothes successfully, there’s no problem with wearing them—just remember that your overall look should still be chaste and proper. 

  1. Go For Loose

Source: Posh and Spicy

Loose outfits are another amazing style to look into if you need to switch up your orthodox LDS clothing. To keep things classy and simple, why not look into loose and long flowy dresses?

Perfect for days when you just want to walk out of your house without fussing too much about accessorising, these no-frills choices help you turn heads the right way with their bold prints and vibrant patterns.

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These loose, below-the-knee length cuts come in a variety of designs so you can wear them for all types of occasions, from everyday outings to more formal events. Remember to choose the cuts that are relaxed yet offer a flattering silhouette.

  1. Experiment with Styles

Source: 90 Fashion

Just because you have to wear bottoms that run below your knee doesn’t mean that you should limit your own LDS modest fashion choices. You can still wear that sleeveless blouse, those plunging necklines, or those classy see-through fabrics if you know how to layer them well.

Yes, even the scorching heat of the summer sun can let you layer your clothes—just choose lighter colours and lightweight fabrics for your layers to keep yourself from sweating buckets during this warm season.

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If you like wearing neutral and minimalist styles, don't stick to simple blacks, whites, and greys. Add a bit of beige, green, and navy to your repertoire. If you’re more adventurous, don’t be intimidated by patterns. Floral, geometric, paisley, toile—all of these patterns are at your disposal! Who says you need to stop there? Continue honing your fashion skills by layering your clothes or choosing pieces that have more unconventional cuts, like an asymmetrical hemline or billowing sleeves.

You, too, can be stylish and trendy even as an LDS woman who needs to work within a set of rules. You just need to use a little more creativity when styling your outfit—after all, the best looks come from the most innovative matches in your closet!

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