Schools are notorious for their ultra-strict dress codes. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to plan your OOTD that’ll fit the firm rules and still be stylish. The good news is that modest fashion is here to save the day! Below-the-knee skirts and dresses come in many fashionable designs and cuts that’ll wow you and your schoolmates every single day.

The fabulous thing about modest skirts and dresses is that they’re long enough to abide by the rules of your everyday school outfit. They provide you with ample cover that’ll keep you comfortable in every class—you just need to find the right fashion trends that’ll look extra fab on you.

Here are 6 amazing takes on below-the-knee school outfits that you can rock at school:

  1. Trendy Wrap Design on Below-The-Knee Skirts and Dresses

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The wrap design isn't a new thing, but it's undoubtedly making a roaring comeback for the past few years. And why wouldn’t it? Conservative skirts and dresses with a wrap-around cut are perfect for the inevitable morning rush you experience during school days. They’re quick and easy to put together—just tie them on and you're good to go.

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What's more, wrap-around skirts and dresses don't need tons of accessories to make your overall look picture perfect. The sash around your waist provides enough visual interest (and a flattering silhouette) as the focal point of your outfit. This style is both fashionable and effortless, which will definitely make you a trending fashionista in your school.

  1. Long, Modest Skirts and Dresses in Casual White

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You might be looking at this tip in abject horror—after all, who would willingly wear white in school where dozens of accidents can happen to ruin your outfit in a snap? While that’s definitely a possibility, it pays to be a tad more vigilant when it comes to slips and spills. Wearing white is an amazingly stylish look that you can easily pull off, adding to that ethereal vibe wherever you go. Maxi skirts and dresses in a white shade just scream casual luxe.

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What makes white so classy is that not many are brave enough to wear it in an everyday setup. You’re instantly elevating your look by choosing a style that’s uncommon (without going over the top). You can also play with how you style your white below-the-knee outfits! This pristine shade can look smart and proper or cool and laid-back depending on your accessories for the day.

  1. Youthful Midi Skirts and Dresses in a Pinafore Design


Another popular fashion trend today is the pinafore design, and it’s highly appropriate for school, don’t you think? School is the ultimate fashion playground for the youth! Midi pinafore skirts and dresses give the perfect youthful vibe for your classes—you get to look feminine and stylish with a hint of your bubbly personality peeking through!

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Like many fashion trends, the pinafore design is also incredibly versatile. Matching either a skirt or dress with different kinds of tops can ultimately change your look. If you want the most basic and relaxed outfit, pair your pinafore skirt/dress with a t-shirt. You can also create a more whimsical illusion if you match your skirt/dress with a blouse with puffed sleeves. You can even look chic and modern with a turtleneck collar and long-sleeved shirt underneath your skirt/dress.

  1. Conservative Skirts and Dresses in Classic Pleats

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Of course, there will be days that you’ll need to look smart and professional. There will be class presentations and interview exams to do, after all. Below-the-knee skirts and dresses in a pleated design is a fuss-free way to go—pleats are a schoolyard classic that can be revamped to look more modern.

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There are many kinds of pleats to choose from. Your midi skirts and dresses can feature large pleats like the old-fashioned school uniforms, multiple pleats like the current trend, or even pleats that are barely there for a subtle take on the style. Whichever variation you choose, pleats will be a confidence-boosting look to rock in the school runway (or hallway)!

  1. Relaxed and Modern in Button-Down Below-The-Knee Outfits

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School can be tiring and monotonous, what with the repetitive schedule of classes and activities throughout the year. When the weather permits it, why not add a little kick to your days by wearing spring and summer-themed outfits? Long, modest button-down skirts and dresses will help you feel light and relaxed no matter what the weather!

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Maxi skirts and dresses in a button-down design just look very casual without looking frumpy. They're Instagram-worthy in style and ultra-comfortable to wear throughout the day, which is the perfect fashion combo for everyday outfits. If you’re looking for an OOTD that will go viral online, or a trademark get-up that will make your whole squad go twinning with you, then this nifty fashion hack is the way to go.

  1. Flexible Style: Maxi Skirts and Dresses in a Pencil Cut

Source: P31Beauty

When you hear “pencil skirt”, the first thing that comes to mind is probably work attire—your teacher might even be wearing the same thing. While conservative pencil skirts (and straight-cut dresses) can be styled to look smart and professional, that’s not all there is to it! You can plan creative and fun outfits with a pencil skirt—it’s all a matter of how creative you can get.

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Try matching your below-the-knee pencil skirts (and straight-cut dresses) with pieces you wouldn’t usually pair with them. Give your outfit an edgy style with a black leather jacket. And if you’re more comfortable with a hip, street look, you can match your pencil skirt with a plaid button-down shirt.

Like any other style, modest fashion (including below-the-knee outfits) can be worn in a thousand different ways. Wearing long skirts and dresses doesn’t mean you need to look stuffy or square. It just means you need to exercise your creativity and experiment more! Itching to try out the new styles you discovered? Browse through INNERMOD’s latest catalogue and plan your next stylish school outfit today!

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