Short shorts and bare midriffs are a typical fashion statement during the sizzling hot season of summer, but for modest dressers, you’ll have to be a bit more creative when planning your summer outfits. It’s a good thing that loose-fitting trousers for ladies are such a hit any time of the year!

Modest pants for women are as comfortable as a pair of shorts, and it doesn’t hurt that they adhere to stricter dress codes. Plus, when you’re out travelling during the summer, wearing a pair of conservative trousers for women is required for places like temples and some fancier restaurants.

Here are 6 awesomely chic styles of ladies’ loose-fitting pants that you’ll absolutely love whatever your summer plans may be:

  1. Breathable Wide Loose-Fitting Trousers for Ladies with an Adventurous Soul

Source: I Love Linen

Got a bad case of wanderlust? If you eat and breathe adventure and you just love to flit by from place to place, the first order of business is to invest in a pair of wide-leg pants for comfort. You'll especially love how roomy a pair of wide-leg trousers feel, especially when you're sightseeing in a new country or lounging around in a warmer climate. As far as modest trousers for ladies, a wide-leg design looks both chic and conservative since it doesn't stick to your legs like second skin.

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Plus, think of all the Instagram-worthy pictures you can shoot! A pair of wide-leg ladies’ loose-fitting trousers look laid back and relaxed without being too frumpy. You can absolutely wear them out in public without looking like you're in your pyjamas—so make sure to pack one when you're off to new, exciting adventures!

  1. Ladies’ Loose Fitting Trousers in Comfy Browns

Source: Roolee

With modest fashion slowly but surely climbing to the top of current fashion styles, it’s not surprising to see loose-fitting trousers for ladies being sold in different shapes, sizes, and shades. But if you want to let everybody know that you’ve set your “Vacation Mode” on, shades of browns are the way to go! Khaki and beige, in particular, look effortlessly cool during the summer season.

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Channel your inner preppy personality and put on conservative pants for women in cream, khaki, and beige. Since they have a lighter shade that can reflect heat, these colours are perfect for those unbearably hot days outside. Darker shades paired with the long length of your trousers might make you feel like you’re overheating—an nd no one wants to feel that way while on holiday!

  1. Denim Culottes: Trendy Loose Modest Pants for Women

Source: Etsy – LightroomPresetsPro

These past few years, culottes have made quite a comeback—and they’re not leaving any time soon. You can wear them literally anywhere, from office meetings and weddings to lounging at home and gimmicking with friends. Culottes are a power piece that are easy to style and even easier to rock! Who says loose-fitting pants for ladies are dull and uninteresting?

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If you’re after that fashionably relaxed vibe but with a trendier take, try on denim culottes. Denim is a universal look that most people associate with comfy and casual, and culottes will elevate your outfit all the more. It’s the perfect compromise between laidback and fashionable, and they’re flexible as they’re affordable, too!

  1. For Ladies: Loose Fitting Pants with Fancy Ribbons

Source: Aqua Outfits

Lounging around under the summer sun all day doesn’t mean you’re excused from fancy dates or formal events. Weddings and special dates are inevitable, so you’ll definitely need to be ready. The solution? Dress in loose modest pants for women with a decorative ribbon. We swear—ribbons make outfits look posher and more feminine without going overboard with the accessories. Isn’t it time you flaunted your girly vibe, loud and proud?

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Wearing a pair of loose-fitting modest trousers with a ribbon around your waist can instantly add depth and dimension (not to mention a perky personality) to your overall look. You can keep your top and footwear as simple as you want and still come out looking well put-together, whether you’re gearing up for a special dinner with the S.O. or heading out for drinks with friends.

  1. Brightly Coloured Modest Trousers for Ladies

Source: Girlfriend is Better

What season is more appropriate for funky, vibrant colours than summer? It’s the best time to try wearing bright shades like orange, yellow, pink, royal blue, and so on. The natural lighting from the sun will help make your OOTD pictures look more stylish and stunning, so rack up the likes with modest pants for women in lively shades!

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There are limitless colours to choose from, but orange is making the rounds in the fashion world today—and for good reason. Who wouldn't love to rock conservative trousers for women in a bright burst of this lovely orange hue? It's like wearing the colours of the sunset everywhere you go. Plus, you’ll never get lost in a crowded place—your travel buddies will always have you in sight.

  1. Conservative Pants for Women in Classic Striped Navy

Source: Bedaze Live

Last but definitely not least on this list is the most classic summer look ever to grace the Earth: striped navy. When you see sailor uniforms, the sea comes unbidden in the forefront of your mind. This is probably the reason why tons of summer outfits in the past were created to look like them. Still, not everyone wants to look like a sailor—a pair of navy loose-fitting trousers in stripes is a more subtle alternative!

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Conservative pants for women in striped navy provide a sense of nostalgia and calmness. It’s a classic look that speaks for itself—when you see a pair of navy modest trousers for ladies in stripes, you feel a kind of tranquility that you can only feel while you’re on vacation, don’t you think?

Of course, tons of other designs would look great on loose-fitting trousers for ladies. You just need to discover them yourself through experimenting with your wardrobe! So, go forth on those summer getaways with the perfect OOTDs—you might even find the perfect pair of pants over at INNERMOD.

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