The sizzling summer sun usually means short shorts and bare mid-riff clothing, especially if the unbearable weather makes it almost impossible to beat the heat. It’s a time where trendy usually equates to a ‘the more skin, the better’ ideology, but who says you need to show off more than you want to? Looking sassy and classy this summer CAN be all about modesty—you just have to know how to style ‘em!

From loose-fitted, crisp white shirts to more conservative dresses, modest summer clothing can be effortless as can be. Read on below and discover how to dress modestly in the summer!

  1. Classic White Shirt

modest white shirt with tie front
Source: Possy Willow - Tumblr

Go the classic route and invest in a crisp, plain white shirtThis oldie but goodie is super easy to match with any outfit—plus, the versatile piece makes sure you’re good to go no matter what the occasion! You can dress it down for casual everyday wear or dress it up for classy nights out. It’s timeless for a reason after all! For some extra oomph, you can even opt for a tie-front style that’s unique and trendy in itself. Modern modest clothing for summer does not need to be overly plain—all you need to do is to get a little creative and work with what you have.

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A white shirt is an absolute staple during the sweltering season! Because the colour white does not absorb heat, this classic piece always leaves you feeling easy-breezy even when the air is toasty.

  1. Dress in Leafy Greens

modest long dress with long sleeves in green leaf prints
Source: Cort In Session

Looking for something that will keep you looking trendy and cute? Then there’s nothing that turns heads the right way than maxi dresses with vibrant leafy prints as your go-to conservative wear for the warm season. These lush green motifs offer a very relaxing vibe while keeping your outfit looking well put-together no matter where you go.

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You can even wear a dress with long sleeves and it will still look summer fresh. Short dresses are not the only option to look fashionable during the summer—you can wear maxi dresses and look as fab without the body-hugging discomfort! Modest clothes for summer are all about maximising comfort without sacrificing style, and a long, flowy number will definitely do the trick from sun up to sun down.

  1. Happy Hawaiian Vibes

modest floral print shirt with tie front
Source: The Outfit Repeater

When it comes to conservative attire for summer it doesn’t always have to be solid colours. Think pineapple smoothies and the waves crashing against the shore, or the coconut palms swaying softly in the breeze and the sand beneath your feet as you wiggle your toes. With that picturesque thought alone, you can already imagine what the perfect top should be, can’t you? This Hawaiian-inspired floral top definitely seals the deal! Going a size up will give it that oversized look and make sure you stay comfortable all day with an effortlessly chic loose-fitted ensemble.

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The playful colours of a patterned top are youthful, vibrant, and brilliantly eye-catching. It’s a great way to get that fun, tropical vibe that’s perfect for the season. Truly, you’re putting a new spin on how to dress conservatively in hot weather with your bold and bright statement tops!

  1. Make the Most of Your Kimono

Source: Elle España

Modest clothing can also be sustainable and versatile. You don’t need to keep changing outfits every season. The trick is to mix and match, and layer it over a different attire each time!

Floral kimonos are flexible pieces that you can way during summer, spring, fall, and winter! It just depends on how you layer it with your other clothes.

modest green floral kimono with open front, long sleeves and sash
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Style your floral kimono with denim jeans and a straw bag to get that soft, casual look for your days out and about during summer, or check out for modern kimonos and abayas. Make your outfits more dynamic and fun with floral attires that radiates a soft feminine feeling. You can even use your kimono as an additional cover up when you’re on the beach!  

  1. Work / Play in Culottes

Source: Glamour

Let's face it—summer doesn't automatically translate to a season of ‘not going to work.' You’ll still be spending most of your days in the office even if the beach is calling out to you! Even if you’re stuck inside with deadlines facing you left and right, you can still rock your office look and bring out that femme fatale in you with modest summer clothes for work.

Here’s our top tip: invest in a pair of empowering culottes. They look more relaxed than your usual slacks but are still very much work appropriate for when you’re gearing up for that big client presentation.

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The great thing about culottes is that it is as an easy transitional piece from office hours to after hours! All you have to do is change the top you’re pairing it with and you’re good to go.

A long-sleeve button-down shirt is excellent for the office, but you can switch it to a casual top when it's time to have some summer fun. Plus, you can wear your modest loose fitting clothes for summer all year long without worrying about a complete wardrobe overhaul each time the season changes!

  1. Show Your Flower Power

modest long floral maxi dress loose fitting with sleeves
Source: Art in the Find

Another timeless conservative clothing for summer that you can keep coming back to during the warmer season is long, floral dresses. They're always a favourite since you can never go wrong with floral prints—just pair it up with a cute handbag and killer sandals and you’re ready for a fun day out with the squad! For summer, sticking to pastels and dominantly off-white motifs will keep you fresh even while wearing a long dress.

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If you want to keep it young and fresh with your gal pals, wear something bright like yellows and reds. Want something more sultry and dramatic, perhaps? Go with navy blues and deep purples!

  1. Keep it Light & Fresh

Source: Style Caster

Stylish modest clothing for summer isn’t just about tops—you can also incorporate a lighter yet more traditional style with your skirts. Clothing made from cotton is perfect for the hot weather because it’s lightweight and breathable. It can easily soak up sweat, leaving you feeling fresh and cool all day long.

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With cotton fabric clothing, you won’t be uncomfortable even when your outfit is long. This opens up whole new styling opportunities for you, even when it’s hot outside!

See, there are numerous ways to style your modest outfits in summer without having to wear skin-baring pieces. After all, fashion is about expressing yourself in the way you are comfortable. You can still keep your conservative style by covering up during the hotter season, and avoid feeling warm by sticking to lighter colours and making the most out of fun patterns!

So go out there and experiment! Show everyone how you could wear modest clothing in summer, and still look sizzling hot!

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