Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to look stylish. There are a lot of people who can strut their stuff in basic pieces and still look fabulous. Take for example Alexa Chung, a fashion icon in her own right who is known to wear a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt and still kick things off — fashion-wise. So how do you look stylish despite wearing simple pieces? The answer: sticking to staples that’ll last no matter the season.

Here at INNERMOD, we've always been a fan of minimalist clothing. Why? They’re timeless and never seem to go out of style. But despite having a minimalist approach to things, it doesn’t mean we don’t fancy ourselves some trends. Think culottes, studded biker jackets, statement tees, and more. They’re trendy, yes, but they can be interpreted to have a minimalistic look. Below, check out the 5-piece minimalist clothing pieces that every woman needs:

Go-To Denim Staple

Image: They All Hate Us

It’s a fact that denim pieces never go out of style, which is why it’s a basic necessity to stock it in your closet if you’re going for a minimalist approach in your wardrobe. Classics such as skinny jeans and flared ones are our favourite go-to whenever we’re looking to amp up our outfits.

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Denim Pants, £46.00

Trusty Black Tees

Image: Not Another Blonde

You know what makes an outfit look expensive — apart from handbags? The aura of your outfit. Wear the wrong top and bottom pairings and you’re up for a fashion faux pas moment. So when going for a minimal look, choose the ones that will complement your aesthetic. Donning an all-black look? Wear nude pumps. It’s all about mixing and matching, the minimal way.

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Y Point T-Shirt in Black, £19.00

Basic White Shirt

Image: Badlands Journal

One thing to note down about minimal dressing is the fact that you can wear basic pieces such as a white shirt and still look fashionably put together. A crisp button-down shirt matched with skinny jeans and trusty loafers will take you places, from work down to cocktail mesh with your friends.

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Detachable Pleats Cuffs Shirt (White), £120.00

Chic Outerwear

Image: Elle Apparel

Here at INNERMOD, we’re all about keeping things simple but classy. There’s nothing we love more than by dressing up with our favourite outerwear at bay: think denim, biker jackets and houndstooth-inspired coats— but with a minimalist approach. If you want to wear a chic outerwear to cap off your outfit, just choose one that complements your look. You don’t want to wear something too loud because less is actually more.

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Max Corduroy Jacket In Black, £19.00

Classic Blazers

Image: The Fashion Cuisine

Every woman needs a blazer, period. It’s a closet essential that shouldn’t be neglected. A well-fitted blazer is a perfect piece to throw on when you have nothing to wear! They also make any outfit scream chic and classy. Blazers aren’t just for work; they’re good with anything such as t-shirts, jeans, culottes, dresses — you name it!

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Check Jacket in Brown, £107.00

Going for a minimal approach in your wardrobe? Check out our latest offerings here.

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