Ah, brunch. It’s the one thing most of us yearn for after a long work week has come and gone, most likely on a Saturday or Sunday morning. From endless mimosas to French croissants, there is enough reason to want to have brunch on weekends — apart from getting dressed, of course. If you’re one of us who are into the #brunchbandwagon, then you’re up for a little challenge: getting effortlessly dressed without hindering comfort. It is the weekend, after all!

In case you have an upcoming brunch planned out this weekend, here is a pro tip for you: show up fabulous in a 100-percent comfortable outfit. Enjoy your eggs benedict and avocado toast whilst lounging in any of these outfit ideas below:

Add a pop of colour

Image: Style Caster

We’re here to say it: no one’s going to judge you if you show up in a corporate-inspired outfit capped off with a faux fur jacket in red. It’s still winter, ladies, and you don’t want to come to brunch freezing.

Pastel meets metallic

Image: Marie Gan

Still on a fashion week high? Not a problem. Brunch is the perfect occasion to dress like an Editor: think pastel meets metallic. These two styles merge perfectly since it’s classic with a little bit of edge. Throw on a pastel-coloured coat and you’re every inch spring-y.

Go loud in prints

Image: Bloglovin

Why go simple when you can go all-out bold in loud prints? It’s not a fashion faux pas to wear polka dots during spring season. In fact, it’s a statement that only the style savvy can commit to without looking way overdressed for brunch.

Nudes and jeans for comfort

Image: Vogue

If there’s one thing we learned from famed celebrity and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, it’s that you can never go wrong with a basic outfit. Think of nudes and jeans like they’re your go-to best friend that’s never letting you down in terms of style.

Vibin’ in green

Image: Hegeaurelie

Emerge looking like one fabulous lady in show-stopping colours such as electric blue and green. It’s an Instagram-worthy way of brunching with your girl pals after a long and tiring week in the office. Vibe in bold colours and mismatch according to your fun and bubbly personality.

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