Now that the holidays are here, there’s nothing wrong with eating, drinking, and making merry—but what happens when binge-eating becomes just a little bit too much? You might be dreading the weighing scale by the end of the month, but putting on a few pounds doesn’t have to be straight out of a horror movie! With the help of trendy loose fitting clothes, you can still be as fashion-savvy as can be even with a little bit of holiday weight.

Whether you’re trying to hide that midsection or diverting people’s attention from an unwanted muffin top, our tip-top tips on stylish conservative clothes will help you welcome the added weight with fabulous flair!

  1. Trendy loose fitting clothes in high denim

All the family reunions and social get-togethers can mean indulging in sweets and treats left and right, and you might be thinking of swearing off those denim jeans altogether by the end of the week. Before you decide to chuck those pants out the window, don’t think about squeezing into your old pair with all the discomfort of the moment—instead, go with some high waist styles to help cinch up your waist and hide that tummy flab. This ultra-hip modern conservative style helps shape out your curves and can create the illusion of a leaner, flatter stomach.

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While you’re at it, you can also choose stretchy fabrics in darker washes. Picking out pieces that are darker in colour can help create a more slimming effect when the need calls for it.

  1. Fashionable modest clothing in oversized fits

Choosing trendy loose fitting clothes doesn’t mean picking out lousy, unflattering pieces just to hide a little bit of flab. When you look for oversized fits, choose elements that are more relaxed and meant to be worn freely and loosely. Body-hugging pieces aren’t the only ways to keep a sleek silhouette—with the right kind of cute loose fitted clothing, you can maintain your flattering waist using sheath silhouettes and unique blouse designs like wrap styles and asymmetric cuts.

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Because form-fitted pieces are a modern woman’s conservative style’s worst enemy, opt for items with more breathing room in varying sleeves, cuts, and embellishments. You can even go with vibrant animal prints or psychedelic designs—these fun and refreshing patterns will definitely keep people’s attention away from your waistline!

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  1. Cute loose fitted maxi clothing

The most amazing thing about maxi dresses and midi skirts is that you can move as freely as you can in them—and they keep all those pesky unwanted bulges concealed to boot! Chic Islamic clothes that come in summery prints and florals can also be wonderfully refreshing choices for the holidays because the truth is that you can totally rock this modern conservative style even when it’s cold and chilly (the extra hem length keeps your legs covered and toasty, after all). An even better option is to pick a maxi shirt dress that’s totally relaxed and effortlessly concealing in itself!

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When you’re working with maxi dresses, an extra flab-concealing trick is to make sure that your cute loose fitted clothing has an empire waist cut. The simple trick of moving your waistline a little bit higher than usual can highlight the slimmest part of your body which is that sweet spot right below your bustline. With this kind of secret hack, those unattractive bulkier parts fade away under the fabric—easy-peasy!

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  1. Stylish conservative clothes in layers and lengths

The magic of fashionable modest clothing is that the lengths themselves already make for totally vogue and confidence-inducing choices that will help skyrocket your poise and self-belief to whole new heights. Say goodbye to all those holiday weight insecurities with the right kind of lengths and layers! An open cardigan, jacket, or tunic can efficiently hide love handles and any unwanted exposed skin. Plus, if denim jeans and high waist pants aren’t your thing, you can always go with flowy and graceful wide leg pants. The wide leg silhouette is the perfect way to conceal unwanted bulges, and they’re totally not form fitting so you can easily shrug all those uncertainties away.

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The same is true for sleeves, as longer sleeves can conceal pesky tricep flabs the fab and fashionable way. Look for stylish conservative clothes that have longer, more shape-flattering sleeves in varying cuts and designs. You can go for puff sleeves, bell sleeves, or frilled cuffs—when it comes to chic Islamic clothes, the sky’s the limit!

  1. Modern conservative style in the right fabric and attitude

When all else fails, possibly the easiest and simplest way to distract from the added holiday weight gain is to wear trendy loose fitting clothes that are fresh, festive, and fierce! Be casually chic and effortlessly cool with hip pieces like fancy sparkles, shimmering fabrics, and lovely lace. There’s nothing hipper than trendsetting elements that turn heads the right way, and if you’re feeling a little bit sparkly this holiday season, why not go all out? A dazzling metallic gold skirt or a flattering floral piece will distract from any frumpy areas and will definitely make everyone forget all about those love handles!

Go bold in holiday red or mysteriously mystical in darker, more subdued tones. Don’t forget to pick the right kind of fabrics that will not show every bulge each time you move around. Stay away from stiff fabrics for now, like bulky knits or tweeds that add extra pounds visually. Steer clear of too-thin silky materials that will cling to your skin and highlight every unwanted flab, too. Instead, stick with soft fabrics and finishes that will fully cooperate with your mission to create a holiday illusion when it comes to your fashionable modest clothing this season.

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That said, there’s no better way to feel innately good about yourself than confidence! Remember—if you already know that you’re fabulously you, then you can rock any holiday event you go to—holiday weight gain or not. In the meantime, you can check out all of these trendy go-to pieces and other guaranteed closet faves over at INNERMOD today!

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