Following a strict dress code can be a bummer, especially if most other people don’t need to. But who says your fashion rules should make you feel down in the dumps? Ditch the downers and beat the blues by making tznius clothing hip and cool in the UK!

This holiday season, revamp your closet with a distinct orthodox fashion and clothing line that’s both modest and chic. All you have to do is be more creative with the tzniut attire and fancy dresses out there, and you’ll be runway-ready in no time.

If you’re feeling a little stuck on how to go about your clothes, here are a few fab examples on how to rock modern tzniut clothing this chilly season:

  1. Pretty Prints for Cozy Tznius Clothing

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Being all bundled up from head to toe doesn’t have to look boring. Upgrade your tznius outfits with a few stylish patterns here and there! Different prints can make your simple look seem more exciting without being too attention-seeking. Just a stripe here or a check pattern there will do wonders for your overall vibe—they’re perfect for changing up your look instantly!

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Plus, you can easily create new outfits depending on your mood. Go for floral and tropical prints when you’re feeling bright and bubbly, or stick to plaid and geometric prints when you want to look smart and confident. Different prints and patterns can convey a lot about your personality, so why not give it a go?

  1. Bright But Not Flashy For Your Tznius Outfits

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When you hear the word ‘metallic,’ it’s easy to visualize something loud, glitzy, and unapologetically flamboyant. Not everyone might be comfortable with gaudy styles and being the centre of attention, but who says that has to be the case? Metallic doesn’t equal flashy—it’s all about balancing your outfit with the right mix of subdued and adventurous. You can still wear cute tzniut outfits with metallic tinges to it and not look overly dramatic.

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A long pleated skirt with a metallic shade can be less flashy if you pair it with a cosy sweater in a neutral colour. You can also choose metallic shades with a darker base, like brown and navy. Metallic hues are a fun way to show that you’re in a festive mood. Just make sure that you match your clothing in line with more basic elements to meet your orthodox fashion preferences no matter what the weather.

  1. Cheerful Colours in Your Modern Tzniut Clothing

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Being modest doesn't have to be dull and colourless—you don't always have to stick to neutral shades that tend to get bland over time. While black, grey, and white are perfect classic colours that you can wear any time of the year, they can also be boring after a while—so level up your tzniut attire for the holidays with a bit more colour. There’s no better season that now to up the ante when it comes to bolder shades and brighter hues, after all!

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Wearing different colours is not synonymous to being bright and flashy. You can always add a little spice to your stylish tznius clothing by wearing soft shades. Balancing your outfits is the key to wearing different colours without standing out too much—plus, a pop of colour here and there can showcase your personality in the most dynamic way.

  1. Cute Tznius Outfits with High Boots

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Sometimes, the lack of fashionable options out there might make you feel frustratingly limited when it comes to your tzniut attire. Not everyone will have exactly the kind of fashion elements you’re looking for, but sticking to strict rules doesn’t mean you can’t wear most of what you want.

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Skirts with a shorter hem can still be worn for your cute tznius outfits. Just pair them with fierce and fashion-forward high boots and you’re good to go. Knee-high boots are both chic and trendy—they make it easy for you to stay covered up and modest while looking like a femme fatale that’s out to conquer the world!

  1. Totally Cool Tights for Tzniut Attire

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Another creatively fashionable way to go about orthodox fashion choices is wearing tights. Sure, they might fit your skin like a glove, but they do cover you up more especially when it’s a little chilly. This leaves you more room to wear clothes that you wouldn’t have been able to before. Those above-the-knee dresses you’ve been eyeing since forever? Wear them with tights, and you’re all set!

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You don’t need to stick to black tights, either. Half the fun of wearing tights with your tznius clothing is that you can wear them in practically every shade you can think of. You can go for pastels like dusty rose and mint for days when you want to look very feminine, but if you're not entirely confident to pull off these colours, tights also come in navy, emerald, and burgundy—perfect for any occasion.

  1. Chic Orthodox Fashion with a Fab Handbag

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Your modern tznius clothing won’t be complete without the right accessories! If you want something that’s both fashionable and functional, a small handbag is a perfect add-on. This accessory can easily upgrade your tzniut outfits from merely being passable to being totally high-fashion. Plus, you'll need somewhere to put your essentials—keys, purse, and your favourite lipstick—for a quick touch-up.

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You could keep changing up your look with your Handbag of the Day (#HOTD). You can opt for a small chain purse, a loose bucket bag, or even a practical shoulder bag. There are really no rules when it comes to accessorizing with your bag of choice—all you have to do is make sure it pairs beautifully with your tznius clothing any day of the week.

There are so many ways for you to wear your tzniut outfits this Christmas season. From donning beautiful long skirts to modelling the prettiest handbags, you can light up your holiday season with fashionable flair, so go check out INNERMOD’s latest catalogue today! Among the tons of new tops and dresses online, you just might find the perfect outfit for all your Christmas parties and get-togethers in one place.


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