Meeting up with clients is always nerve-wracking. There's just too much at stake, you want to make a good impression, and that takes a toll on your stress levels. Add to that planning the perfect outfit for the meeting, and you're sure to get a massive headache. Good thing there's so many easy ways and tips to style modest wear to look both professional and stylish in front of your client!

Not all careers have to look the same when it comes to fashion. Some jobs limit what you can wear with uniforms or dress codes while others are more lenient. So looking for modest wear tips can be broad because each one of us has different needs and preferences.

Instead of going with general conservative fashion tricks, why not broaden your fashion know-how with tips for different kinds of workroom situations? From boardroom meetings to formal client events, here are 6 fail-proof modest outfit tricks to try out!

  1. Tip: Simple Modest Wear is Always Stylish & Safe

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The best tips when it comes to conservative outfits is to take it easy and keep it simple. By principle, modest fashion is already straightforward in its ideal, so it's not that hard to follow. Sometimes going for comfort and basic pieces is the better route to go. It’s easy to stay confident when you’re not worrying about how you look in a new style.

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As far as basic pieces go, every modest dresser will need a simple a-line skirt in their wardrobe. Keeping it in neutral shades like black, grey, and beige is an excellent recommendation since you can match with most other loose-fitting clothes. What’s more, a stylishly straightforward outfit is not distracting so you and your client can keep on track of the business with ease!

  1. Approachable Tips: Look Friendly in Warm-Toned Modest Wear

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Here’s the thing, classic neutrals like blacks and greys might be timeless, but they can also be dull or borderline authoritative. There’s just something intimidating looking at a woman in a crisp black and white outfit. A few people might be a bit put off if you go to a meeting looking like that. Wearing a modest warm-toned outfit is just one of the tricks that might help you look more approachable!

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Some careers thrive in looking self-assured and friendly, like sales or account managers. Warm tones like burnt orange, mossy greens, and mustard yellow add a vibrant dimension to your look and literally makes your personality warmer. For modest fashion recommendations, this one is perfect if you want your client to open up to you like a friend!

  1. Outfit Tips: A Conservative, Relaxed Silhouette Can Do Wonders

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Sticking to looking friendly and approachable, here is another suggestion: go for loose-fitting clothes. Dresses with a relaxed cut can also channel a soothing vibe in your meetings. It makes you look open and agreeable yet still professional. Think of it as the work equivalent of lounge clothes!

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Of course, wearing lounge clothes for a client meeting is a big no-no. But it doesn't hurt to get your client relaxed while you’re talking. It’s easier to seal the deal when the person you’re talking to isn’t tense. Look the part, wear stylish loose clothes and match it to your easygoing personality to win over your client.

  1. Fashion Recommendation on Confidence: Modest Blazers for the Boardroom Boss

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Other careers are more cutthroat, and looking vulnerable might be the furthest thing in your mind. Not to worry. Even modest fashion has suggestions on how to look like the best boss in the boardroom. When it comes to tips, an oldie but goodie is to wear a nice blazer. Not only does it look powerful, but it actually makes your outfit more conservative since it can cover you well.

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With today's wide variety of styles and fashion, there are many designs you can wear. Blazers can look crisp and cut to give maximum impact during your meeting. It oozes confidence and professionalism. At the same time, blazers can also look fun and playful when you go for bright shades or loose cuts. Nevertheless, the blazer can be considered the quintessential workpiece that every modest woman should have in her work-related wardrobe!

  1. Daily Suggestions: Trendy, Loose-Fitting White Tops For Everyday Work Clothes

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Modest wear is not just for statements. It’s a lifestyle for most modest dressers around the world. That means your entire wardrobe is made up of conservative fashion pieces, and that can be daunting to style every day. How do you keep modest wear interesting? As far as tips and tricks go, getting a few everyday pieces with interesting elements is an excellent idea.

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This is the perfect tip for those surprise client meetings you need to go to. Getting tops with billowing sleeves or ribbon-tie waists will make you look fashionably ready anytime. So what if your client suddenly wants to meet up today? With these kinds of outfits, you’ll always be confident and prepared to talk business with your clients!

  1. Modest Tricks: Evening Outfit featuring a Unique Top for Special Events

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Let’s face it. You don’t meet with clients in the office or in cafes all the time. Sometimes you and clients face each other in different formal occasions. Sure, it might not be a formal meeting, but that doesn't mean you can slack off. Make sure you still look professional yet approachable even during special events. Going for modest wear in distinct fabrics is one way to go.

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Since you can’t really play with risqué cuts when it comes to conservative wear, using different vital points is one of the best tricks you can master. Go for unusual fabrics that will shine the spotlight on you. That means you should definitely rock tops in shiny satin, impeccable velvet, or romantic organza.

It pays to always be ready to meet up with clients, and that’s the best tip you’d get anywhere. You have to be prepared, professional, and friendly at a moment’s notice to get your client to like you. At the end of the day, tips and tricks on modest wear won’t get you anywhere if you can’t turn up the charm! But it won’t hurt to look into INNERMOD’s catalogue of conservative wear right now. You never know, you might just find the lucky outfit that’ll help you seal the deal you’ve been working hard for!

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