The holidays in the UK bring about social gatherings left and right—thankfully, modest clothes can keep you comfy and fashionable at the same time, all the time! No longer do you have to fret about trying to impress that long-lost aunt at your clan reunion, or worry about finding the perfect dress to wear to your office party in front of all your colleagues and big bosses.

From stylish modest clothing to cheap modest fashion that won’t break the bank, our handy guide to the best pieces you can ever find in modest clothing stores online will save you from any fashion faux pas no matter what the occasion this season!

  1. Modest clothes for UK family reunions

When relatives fly in from all over the world and guest rooms get booked and sell out faster than pancakes, you just know that the holiday season is here. Family reunions can get tiring and taxing for some, but it’s an inevitable tradition that happens every single year, whether you’re into it or not. To keep from getting too stressed out about that judgemental uncle or to divert the attention away from pesky questions about your plans for the next decade of your life, dress to the nines in loose fitted clothing with a polished crisp white top and some loose bottoms in a darker wash. You need to look your best in order to feel your best, and this simple but confidence-boosting getup does just that.

Stay away from super loud bracelets and go light on the perfume. Make a statement with your simple conservative clothing style alone, upping your comfort level with a cashmere sweater or a soft tunic. You can also go with a cosy wrap dress that flatters the waist without being form-fitting, because you wouldn’t want to starve to death trying to avoid the buffet table, right? You need to be wearing loose fitted clothing that won’t restrict your tummy when you want to indulge in a little bit of holiday feasting—it’s still a party, after all!

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  1. Loose fitted clothing for a squad brunch

A winter catch-up is a must for your whole squad, whether the gals are busy or not! The foundations of friendship are incredibly important, so you have to make time for your besties even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays. To avoid conflicting schedules with office after-work parties and family dinners, why not set a brunch date with the gals instead? Go for an easy and chic vibe with your stylish modest clothing in a stylish long coat over a laidback and casually cool shirt dress.

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Stick to the winter theme with a leopard print design or a check pattern, or you can even go full casual with some athleisure outfits to ease up on all of the busy holiday pressure. Chilling with the gal pals should never be stressful, so going with cheap modest fashion in relaxed pieces and low-key cool is your best bet!

  1. Conservative clothing style for your year-end office party

If your company is the type to hold parties during work hours, then your conservative clothing style for work is the same thing you’ll be wearing to your office bash. But if your workplace likes to have everyone let their hair down after office hours, you can boldly dress it up with a midi dress in patterned panel designs. Add an extra oomph to your trendy modest clothing with some fashionable tights underneath your below-the-knee length dress, and be that femme fatale everyone respects and loves at the office!

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The best investment you can get from modest clothing stores online is a tailored blazer that’s both fun and professional at the same time. Use this layering trick to cover up low necklines, sleeveless pieces, and body-hugging tops—even if it’s a party, you’re still in a work environment, after all. Add some level of personality with pops of colour, but you should still always be mindful of where your hemlines hit. Classy and comfy is the name of the game with modest office party clothes in the UK!

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  1. Cheap modest fashion for an intimate date

The holidays aren’t just for big groups and rowdy year-end bashes. The winter season also means snuggling up and getting cute and cosy with your beau, which means intimate dates no matter where you’re headed off to. If you’re planning a fancy dinner, make the evening more special with a dressy, sparkly skirt and a frilled top. Up the ante with your cheap modest fashion with the right kind of accessories and the perfect pair of heels to boot.

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A date at the movie house is easily made cosier with an oversized top or a comfy cardigan, while you can stick to the most versatile loose fitted clothing with a pair of go-to jeans in case you’re heading to a concert, event, or a surprise romantic day out.

In general, your modest clothes for parties in the UK should never be overkill, so be wary of going overboard with too big and too clunky accessories. A sequined clutch or a statement ring should be okay, while a pair of killer heels go well with any kind of holiday party. The important thing to remember about your conservative clothing style is to keep it comfortable. Keep in mind that parties will often have you moving around and mingling with everyone, not to mention that you’ll be feasting and making merry practically all night. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, chances are you’ll end up feeling miserable the whole time—and nobody wants to be around a sourpuss all evening!

To get your fill of modest clothes in the UK from modest clothing stores online, you can shop ‘til you drop for all of your holiday faves and year-round staples over at INNERMOD and you’ll never have to worry about what to wear to any kind of party ever again!

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