Is there anything more invigorating than heading out to meet your favourite gal pals and hanging out all day? Not only will afternoon tea and Sunday brunches keep all of your stresses at bay, but they’re also the perfect opportunity to flaunt your modest apparel in the UK!

There are tons of ways to go twinning with your bestie (or group of friends). Whether your modest clothes for UK occasions are made for fancy parties or regular get-togethers, you can always find interesting ways to switch things up when you’re out with the gals.

Whichever style you pick, we’re sure you’ll absolutely adore planning the UK-based conservative outfits you’ll be wearing together. Here are a few matching styles that you and your BFF will love to rock:

  1. Chic Jackets as Modest Apparel for the UK Weather

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Matching outfits don’t necessarily mean wearing the exact same thing as your BFF. Even just a single similar piece of clothing can already blend you and your bestie’s look together in an instant—and a fabulous example is the outer layer you wear. Not everyone has the same loose-fitting clothes in the UK, but complementary jackets are incredibly easy to find!

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One style that you and your gal pal will find effortlessly cool is a black leather jacket. Leather jackets are trendy, which means you can find them practically anywhere! You can easily create matching outfits with your leather jacket as the connecting piece. If you're feeling up to the challenge, you can even choose to go with different colours of the same design—there’s no doubt it’ll look stunning from sun up to sun down.

  1. Button-Down Dresses as Matching Conservative Outfits in the UK

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If you want to try twinning with your best friend, find modest outfits in UK stores that are simple and can be worn again and again. Just because you want to match each other’s outfits doesn’t mean you need to buy a shirt that you can’t wear without each other. Twinning as all about flexibility and standing out together—it’s just good common sense!

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You’ll want to invest in a conservative attire that you can wear anywhere in the UK even when you’re alone. A classic button-down dress is timelessly trendy, and the best part is that it’s great for everyday wear. You and your best friend will still have all the fun matching each other on occasion. At the same time, you can wear your dress again and again, fabulous and fuss-free!

  1. Similar Color Palette for Modest Clothes Worn by UK-based BFFs

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Matching your outfits together doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the exact shade as your bestie. It doesn’t even mean you have to wear UK-based loose-fitting outfits with the same patterns! It’s really all about creating an illusion that you planned both of your outfits to complement each other. After all, great minds think alike, right?

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An excellent way to do this is to stick to one colour palette. For example, if you choose shades of brown, then make sure that your outfits range from light beiges to warm browns. One can wear lighter shades while the other can don darker ones. This way, you can use different cuts and prints to personalize your conservative attire but still look matchy-matchy while hanging out in the UK scene.

  1. Funky Animal Print for Loose Fitting Clothes in the UK Scene

Source: Who What Wear

Are you and your best friend feeling wild and adventurous? Flaunt your more outgoing side with matching modest apparel in animal prints while partying in the UK. Animal prints will make heads swivel in your direction without being over the top! You'll undoubtedly have fun painting the town red with your gal pals in matching animal-themed modest outfits in the UK scene.

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There are tons of animal patterns to choose from—you can go for tiger, leopard, zebra, and even reptilian patterns! You don't even need to have the same type of print to look good together. Mix and match any animal pattern and you'll still look glam as can be.

  1. Never Go Wrong With Denim For Modest Outfits in the UK

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If you and your besties don’t have much time to plan for your impromptu twinning OOTDs, don’t fret—a classic like denim can easily save the day. Almost everyone has a denim piece in their closet. It’s just a matter of making sure the denim stands out in your conservative outfits during casual UK days!

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When it comes to typical modest clothes in the UK, the best bet would be to go with denim pants. They’re versatile and great for everyday wear—plus, you can get denim pants in many different cuts from skintight to loose-fitting. Clothes like this in the UK are easy to find as well, so everyone in your clique will definitely have one on hand!

  1. Loose Fitting Outfits for UK Women in Matching Dress Designs

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Dresses are one of the most effortless pieces to incorporate in matching loose-fitting outfits for UK-based best friends. You only need one piece of clothing and you're good to go! But if you and your BFF find wearing the exact same clothes cheesy, don't worry—you can always incorporate similar designs to match as subtly as possible.

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Modest apparel in UK stores offers tons of choices for this. As an example, you can choose a frilly maxi dress in pink for yourself and a frilly maxi dress in blue for your friend. The similar design still ties your look together, or you can also choose to go by the same patterns or colours but with different designs. 

When it comes to matching outfits, it’s all about balancing and compromising with your BFF. You don’t need to wear tacky best friend shirts to show how tight-knit you two are. A few similarities in your entire outfit are enough to put you and your bestie in a twinning and winning mood. Check out INNERMOD’s specially curated collection to find a look you can match with your besties today!

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