For some women, wearing tzniut clothing is a way of life; for others, it’s a confident preference. Whether you’re looking to rock the runway or simply staying true to your cultural roots, wearing tznius clothes doesn’t have to be dull and outdated. There are lots of fun, fab ways to modernise your tzniut wardrobe without having to sacrifice what you believe in!

There are certain rules you have to uphold with tzniut wear, like covering your elbows and knees, wearing longer tops, and hiding your collarbone. Still, at the end of the day, tznius wear is all about modesty—and yes, you CAN remain modest yet still look fashionable at the same time. Need a few inspirations? Check out these clothing hacks below:

  1. Stock Up On Turtlenecks 

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With their variety of colours and unique styles, turtlenecks are excellent basic pieces for your tznius wardrobe. Some turtlenecks are solid-coloured while others are patterned or ribbed. You can even take your pick from straight collars, mock collars, and chunky ones too!

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Turtlenecks are super easy to style to create different outfits. Plus, they can provide you with a lot of cover for maximum comfort. If you find that your turtleneck is too tight-fitting, don’t worry! Balance it with other clothes that are looser, like a billowing maxi bottom.

  1. Modest Midis and Hip Maxis All the Way

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One of the most comfortable yet trendiest ways to keep your legs covered up is to rock some loose fitting maxis and fierce midi skirts. Both types of confidence-boosting skirts are all the rage right now, so you can update your style effortlessly—not to mention they’re perfect for tzniut apparel, letting you follow all the rules with confidence and grace.

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If you're looking for a more economical way to build up your wardrobe, we suggest getting neutral coloured maxi skirts as well as patterned midi skirts for total versatility. That way, you can keep pairing them with different basic tops to break off the monotony.

  1. Maximise Your Loose Fitting Jackets & Oversized Cardigans

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Preferring to wear a tznius outfit can be limiting if you don’t make the most out of your clothes. With all the rules you need to follow, a lot of the pieces sold today just won’t make the cut.

To stand out from the crowd and turn heads the right way, maximise the use of your conservative outer piece. With the right kind of layering, you can still strut your stuff with cute long-sleeved shirts.

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And while you’re at it, keep in mind that those oversized jackets and relaxed-fitting cardigans aren’t just for the colder seasons! You can also make use of them even during spring and summer—all you need to do is to make sure that the fabrics used are light and breathable. After all, who wants to head out from sun up to sun down while sweating buckets underneath all those layers? It’s all about getting creative with your wardrobe choices. Think of it as an exciting little challenge: how do you make the most of your winter clothing even when the sun is big, bright, and beaming? Get those cogwheels turning and unleash your creativity—you’ll be surprised with what you just might discover about yourself and your own fashion sense!

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns

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Feeling a little fun and flirty? Play with patterns when you can. Mix up your wardrobe with tzniut clothes from different shades and patterns to change up your look instantly and make it look more appealing. You can still remain covered up while rocking outfits that are both comfortable and fabulously fun!

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Some patterns are great choices for tznius attire, but if you’re not too comfortable with wild patterns that might be too bold for your taste, choose simpler ones like lines or geometric shapes. You really can’t go wrong with basic patterns since they’re easier to match and experiment with.

  1. Layer When You Can

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Creating a tzniut outfit is a breeze once you master the art of layering clothes. Layering, after all, isn’t just to protect you from the harsh outside elements during winter—you can layer your clothes even in the summer as long as the fabrics you use are light and airy. Layers let you utilise more of your clothes in a smarter, better way while providing you with a modest look—perfect for tzniut wear.

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Need to cover up your collarbone? Don a sassy scarf. Need to keep those arms nice and covered? Throw on some comfy long sleeve cardigans. Basic tank tops and even low-cut v-necks can become part of your tzniut attire as long as you pair them with more skin-covering pieces. Layering your clothes also offers you the chance to show off your creative side. It takes a lot of experimenting to create a variety of visually interesting outfits that will still fit your modest style, so go ahead and have fun!

  1. Know What Fabrics to Wear

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Being covered up from head to toe can be bothersome if you aren't careful with the fabrics you choose. Clothes that are made for winter might not be comfortably worn in the summer and vice versa. You wouldn’t want to be bundled up in layers and layers of oversized outerwear with the scorching sun bearing down on you, would you?

Still, that doesn’t mean that tznius apparel should sacrifice your comfort. You can stay covered up and breezy if you pay close attention to the fabrics you buy, so make sure to invest in an even mix of fabrics in your wardrobe so that you’re ready for the whole year ahead.

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Spring and summer are great for light and breathable fabrics like cotton and rayon. Light-coloured clothes are also excellent choices during this year as they don't absorb heat as much. For fall and winter, you might want to invest in thicker fabrics like flannel and fleece. It’s all about choosing smart and dressing smart no matter what the season.

Now, isn’t tznius clothing as stylish and modern as can be? All you have to do is experiment with the clothes available to you, all while keeping in mind the basic rules you need to uphold.  Ready to raid your closet? Show off your personality by creating fashionable tzniut outfits today!

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