Pick, click, and purchase! Nothing beats the convenience of shopping for apparel in modest clothing websites. Forget the dreaded commute or the hours wasted falling in line from store to store—all you need is your credit card and a trusty Internet connection and you’re good to go. How easier can it get?

Of course, with the hundreds of fashion options you can see online in a single sitting, it can be pretty overwhelming if you don’t have a clear shopping plan. Check out five of our sure-fire hacks for the modern woman on how to maximize your shopping experience today!

  1. Pinterest lookbooks are your friend

With the myriad of choices you’ve got going on in the wonderful World Wide Web, it’s easy to get lost in the modest clothing websites offering you all kinds of things. To help keep your eye on the prize, check out look books on Pinterest first before you go online shopping. These tips and tricks on how to style outfits and how to mix it up will help get you back on track when you’re lost in a sea of funky tops and bold bottoms. Explore and decide on the look or the trend that you want to go for until you paint a pretty clear picture in your head of the kind of unrevealing outfits you want to see online.

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Aside from look books, you can also visit fashion blogs (check out INNERMOD’s fab finds here!) that regularly post OOTDs and closet hacks for the fearless fashionista. Who knows—you might even chance upon a look you never even thought possible!

  1. Size does matter

The downside to scoring all your fashion finds on modest women’s clothes online is that you can’t try them on to see if they’ve got the perfect fit. You might chance upon the fiercest frills or the perfect pair of palazzos only to find that they are too tight or too loose on you when you finally get to try them on. You wouldn’t want to get all hyped up for your new outfit and then have to return it the moment it arrives at your doorstep.

Not a lot of women know their sizes by heart, so it’s always a good idea to have a measuring tape within reach when you’re shopping for modest attire online. While size guides on modest clothing websites are invaluable when you’ve finally found the outfit of your dreams, it’s still a good idea to check the pieces you already have in your closet and compare them with the sizes indicated in the size guide.

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Another thing to note is to check the measurements and height of the model in the photos. Observe whether or not they are wearing heels in order for you to determine if the length of the bottoms are good enough for you, and take note of how they are angled or positioned so that you know how the outfit flows on the body. Zoom in on each photo to get a better view of the piece, and take note of the specific measurements for each product if the standard size guide is not enough. Finally, you should check the product description on the items as well. Key features of the products are usually highlighted, and this should let you know if the pieces are loose-fitting or if the textures and fabrics are appropriate for you.

  1. Be brave and be bold

Don’t be afraid to explore other sections of modest fashion online! You might stumble across a look you never would have thought of. Modest clothing websites normally have a bestsellers section, so you can check them out and see what’s currently trending. Sometimes, you can also find a “customers also bought” or a “similar items” section, where you can explore different styles based on the ones you think look good on you.

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Of course, when you’re experimenting with looks you wouldn’t normally buy, it’s inevitable for you to eventually grab a piece that won’t turn out as awesome as you would hope. This is why it’s also crucial to check the return policy and the return shipping costs when you’re shopping for modest women’s clothes online. Find out how many days you have until you can return the item, or if you are allowed to open the package and try the pieces on before returning them. Will you be refunded with cash or will you receive store credit? How much is the return shipping fee, and will the store cover it or will it be from your own pocket? Some modest clothing websites (like INNERMOD!) will also have a number to call or even a Whatsapp account, where you can get straightforward and immediate answers to your burning questions if needed.

  1. Stick to your budget

While you’re highly encouraged to explore and try new looks, you should still have a rough ballpark of how much you want to spend on a single purchase. Remember those lookbooks? Keep those styles in mind and have a budget for how much you’re investing on them.

That said, you should shop at trendy and wallet-friendly conservative clothing websites like INNERMOD, where prices are as affordable as can be without sacrificing ultra-hipness and graceful elegance. Online shopping for conservative fashion is all about shopping smart—pick out the best pieces that you can make the most out of, as well as the ones that you can mix and match with wardrobe faves you already have. Look for items that will give you the most value for your money and the most bang for your buck!

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  1. Bookmark your faves

The next time your wallet is ready for some feel-good splurging, you can always go back to the faves you initially missed out on and go get ‘em! Bookmark your favourite modest apparel online so you can come back to them any time, and remember to know which materials are best for you especially depending on the weather where you live.

Take note of the fabric of the pieces you already own or the ones you previously bought, and if you made a wrong purchase the last time, don’t make the same mistake the second time around. So go ahead and grab your fill of delayed gratification—it’s definitely sweeter the second time around.

Now that that’s settled, you can satisfy all of your conservative apparel needs online at INNERMOD, where you’ll find the most affordable handpicked collections of designs for the modern modest woman!

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