The weather this year has been a rollercoaster ride. So keep your frayed denim shorts and mini sundress in the closet!

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Boy, it looks like we’re up for a cool summer this year! With high-10s and low-20s in the air, it doesn’t look like it’s warm enough to go out in your summer fashion staples nor is it cold enough for your jackets to make their encore.

In a bid to stay true to the summer spirit, you can opt for looks that will keep you warm while keeping your cool by sticking to the rules of summer clothing. Wear natural fibres like cotton or linen pieces and play it up by choosing longer lengths or layer your clothes.

Take a leaf out of those who dress along the lines of modest clothing. Go in the direction of longer sundresses, blouses made from silk, airy linen pants and denim jackets that are so very summery.

Here are some looks for this summer to help you achieve the cool vibe!

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