Spring has sprung, and we're pretty sure that every other bride-to-be out there is already thinking about their own engagement photoshoot... because let’s face it, engagement photos are a big deal to us ladies, especially if you're looking for a trendy modest dress. It’s the one thing that makes us feel so giddy about the fantasies we have of marriage, and one of that is the dresses we are going to wear to the engagement photoshoot itself. So before you have any regrets upon seeing the photos, why don’t you plan ahead of time and choose the outfits that truly complement your personal style. After all, it’s your engagement, your moment and it’s going to be with the one you love.

Check out some outfit options below that’ll look perfect for your next spring engagement photoshoot — ps: sticking to white is on the list, too!

Top + Floral Dress

Image: Couturezilla

Florals are always part of spring, and having to wear it to your own engagement photoshoot is definitely not a fashion faux pas. In fact, it makes it all the more season-appropriate that you’re a spring bride. To keep things modest, you can add a white button-down top underneath a sleeveless dress to layer it up but still look every inch trendy.

All-White Affair

Wrinkled Washed Cotton Tent Dress in Ivory, £95.00

Ah, the all-white affair. We know it’s plain enough to wear white to an engagement photoshoot, but what’s wrong with white, anyway? It’s chic, timeless and looks good on photos — like a blank canvas ready to be styled.

Chic In Gingham Prints

Image: Couturezilla

Apart from floral prints, you can do so much with gingham prints, ladies. It’s a trendy alternative that’ll make you look young, playful and sweet. Spice things up with a hot red sunnies if you’re up for a millennial-inspired look.

Black Feminine

Image: Vogue UK

If your style is more on the dark side but would like to inject a hint of femininity in your engagement photos, then wear a modest black floral dress. It exudes just the right amount of spring vibe that’ll make your photoshoot chic and classy in black.

Check Staple

Mood Check Dress, £66.00

If there's one piece of style that’s going to make you look like a 2018 bride-to-be, it’s by wearing a check dress in your engagement photoshoot. It’s an editorial look that’s current, feminine and chic. You’ll want to look like a fashion-forward bride-to-be, yes?

Need more dress options for your engagement photoshoot this spring? Check more here.

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