We're almost nearing spring season, and we've already gathered some modest outfit inspiration for the season ahead -- one of 'em is by pairing your outfits with denim jeans. But since we're dying to try out new stuff in lieu of spring (a season of new beginnings and a fresh start), it's time to elevate our looks with one fashionable modest look: the stripes trend. Stripes, as you know it, is a spring staple. It's a bold look that doesn't require too much effort when worn because it's already a statement itself.

This 2018, hype up your wardrobe with the season's coveted and fashion-forward look that's reminiscent of French girl style. Scroll through below for some modest sartorial inspiration:

Flared Vertical Stripes

Image: Looks

Nothing like a flared modest top decked in vertical stripes to keep you looking every inch chic this season. Keep a street-style vibe by wearing your top with some skinny jeans and an oversized sunnies for that celebrity look that's worthy of a social media snap!

Shop the style:

Stripe Turtle Layered Tee, £25.00

Fancy Pants in Stripes

Image: She In

Corporate has never looked this stylish in stripes. Update your trouser game this season by way of vertical stripes, and keep everything else polished and neutral. Be the new era of #girlboss in the office!

In The Navy With A Vertical Dress

Image: Little J Style

Need a flattering dress that'll make you look extra sassy this spring? Wear a piece that screams navy for that classy and trendy vibe. Not only does it elongate your overall look, but it's also a tried and tested outfit of choice when the season of bloom arrives.

Resort Look in Pinstripes

Image: The Coat

Charm the crowd with a matching pinstripe suit at your workplace; it's a sartorial update that's definitely snap-worthy and en vogue! If you're looking to up the ante of your work wardrobe this spring, then this is the right outfit to start with.

Shop the style:

Belted Long Jacket (Double-Stripe Black), £187.00

Need more striped pieces to update your wardrobe this season? Shop here.


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