Whether you’re off to a regular day at the office or gearing up for an exciting job interview, wearing modest work clothes can be a great way to look confident yet conservative at the same time. Showing less skin can actually give you a more positive and lasting first impression that will simply blow everyone away.

Yes, modest stylish clothing not only keeps you confident and fab, but it also doesn’t distract from the pressing matters at hand no matter what your workplace may be. From loose-fitting pants to loose-fitting blouses, conservative clothes can and always will be cool—it’s all about the way you put them together!

Need some conservative outfit ideas? Here are just a few handpicked items and styling tips on how to match your modest clothing for work: 

  1. Loose is cool for modest work clothes

modest loose fitting black blouse with frills on sleeves
Source: Fashionista

Who says that a loose-fitting blouse is frumpy? You can always style an oversized blouse with tight bottoms to look as sophisticated as can be. A long and loose-fitted top is also a great way to cover your body while still looking well put together and completely chic.

Loose-fitting doesn’t necessarily translate to slouchy, either. It’s all about how you style your corporate conservative attire with your bottoms, shoes, and accessories!

modest loose fitting black blouse with frills on sleeves
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You can choose to tuck in your top with flowy pants or let it remain tucked out paired with tighter bottoms. For accessories, don’t go overboard! A simple pair of dangling earrings will be enough to elevate the look.

A pro tip is to look for loose-fitting blouses that have interesting sleeves. It can be layered, batwing-like, or even as funky as flamenco sleeves—this will totally help make your plain tee stand out without being over the top.

  1. Built-in accessories are perfect for modest stylish clothing

modest loose fitting blouse with tie around neck
Source: Memorandum

When whipping up stunning modest clothing for work, it’s best not to go overboard when accessorizing your outfit. Chunky necklaces and oversized loop earrings, to name a few, can be distracting for you and your co-workers—after all, you wouldn’t want them to focus on your bling instead of your record-breaking performance at the office, right?

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should always head to the office looking like a plain ol’ Jane! An option for modest work clothes would be a top that already provides extra ‘oomph’, like a tie-neck blouse with some loose-fitting pants.

modest loose fitting blouse with tie around neck
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A built-in scarf like the one featured above is an excellent modest piece for corporate conservative attire that provides you with a high neckline and an elegant silhouette. It also adds the right amount of style to your outfit without having to accessorize much.

The best part is that you can keep a tie-neck blouse as a staple piece for your conservative outfit ideas since its design is completely versatile. You can wear them with pants or skirts when you’re prepping for the ideal conservative interview attire. You can even choose to style it alone or with a blazer—whatever your call is, it can certainly work like a charm!

  1. Roomy trousers complete your conservative office outfit

modest wide leg trousers loose fit
Source: Shopping My Closet

Just because you need to look sophisticated and proper during office hours doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on comfort or style. You can still amp up your corporate conservative attire to reflect your own fashion sense and totally fun personality! With modest stylish clothing, you’ll be utterly comfortable with what you’re wearing and still be able to strut your stuff with confidence no matter what the occasion.

A perfect way to balance comfort, fashion, and etiquette is by sporting a pair of wide leg trousers as conservative interview attire. Yes, straight, wide leg trousers are back in the game and back with a vengeance—and they’re bringing a fresh new spin into your everyday conservative outfit.

modest wide leg trousers loose fit
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With a pair of loose-fitting pants like wide-leg trousers, you can stay up to date with the latest trends and still be nice and covered up whether you’re in the boardroom or at a site meeting. You can even go the economical route by purchasing a solid, neutral coloured pair as part of your modest clothing for work. That way, you can easily restyle your trousers and match it with different conservative outfit ideas depending on how your mood feels like in the morning!

  1. Stylish modest clothes can be tight but alright

modest checkered midi skirt
Source: ELLE Spain

Pencil skirts have been in the office fashion game for a long, long time—in fact, many women all over the world already wear it on a daily basis as part of their conservative interview attire. There are just countless designs, patterns, and lengths to choose from! With the numerous choices available out there in the market, you can be ultra-innovative and create your own unique outfits with something as simple as a pencil skirt for your modest work clothes.

modest checkered midi skirt in brown
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A foolproof look that’s both conservative and comfy is a pencil skirt with a midi length. Because the hem length is just enough to cover your knees, your conservative outfit will definitely be office-worthy wherever you go.

  1. Match the formal pieces with your modest clothing

Source: Pinterest

If you want to have a definitive uniform when you're off to the office, a matching set of formal clothes like a blazer and trousers is an excellent choice for modest clothes. With co-ords, you have the option to wear both pieces of your modest stylish clothing separately or together. You can also style it up or down with accessories, depending on the occasion. All in all, a matching suit will make sure you look sharp and stylish as you work your magic and wow your clients every day.

modest matching grey co-ord suit loose fitting blazer
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modest matching grey co-ord suit loose fitting pants
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Making an effort to match your top and bottom for your modest clothing can provide you with the confidence you need each day. Plus, this smart outfit commands respect from everyone around you! 

  1. Let your conservative work outfit speak with patterns

modest long midi dress with prints and patterns
Source: Popsugar

We all know that office life can be dreary and dull at times, so why not add a little brightness to your office modest clothing with colourful patterns and bold prints? You can look presentable and elegant even while wearing vibrant hues and striking designs as long as you rock ‘em with style.

Have fun mixing and matching your brightly-coloured ensemble to make your workweek a little bit more exciting. You can even add funky accessories like belts or neon-coloured shoes to your office modest clothes (so long as you stick to the office dress code, that is!).

modest long red midi dress with prints and patterns
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The great thing about wearing patterns is that it visibly changes your style every day.  Of course, re-styling patterned clothing might be a bit of a challenge, but it certainly gives you more opportunities to discover your fashion skills, don’t you think? Head on over to INNERMOD and try out your stylish skills today!

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