No more dress code stress when it’s blazing warm outdoors but icy cold indoors.

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Ah, workplace wardrobes, it’s always a tough one to tackle. You have to consider the workplace culture, the weather, the office’s little microclimate and so on. It can be difficult waters to tread, especially when you’re a young professional. These days, casual wear is increasingly becoming popular and can blur the lines of what workwear means.

One way of tackling this is to follow the basic guideline of dressing modestly or to choose modest clothing when dressing for work. A good tip is to avoid plunging necklines and hemlines that are too short.

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From there, you can exercise your creativity and taste depending on which industry you belong to or the type of office culture your company has.
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If you’re in the creative industry such as advertising, design, technology where your colleagues tend to be on the younger side, the workwear etiquette could very well be uber-casual. You can go pretty wild with textures, prints and colours but staying modest is a good way to go. Think shift dresses with prints, or trousers with textures.

For those who belong to offices that’s all business, the office dress code could be pretty serious and seemingly restrictive. Here, minimalist and well-fitted modest clothing with signature jewellery could very well be the new “power suit” for this ultra-professional group.

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