Want to wear that bold oversized coat but you’re too modest to? Do it with a best friend!

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Sometimes, fashion’s got you scratching your head with doubt wondering if you’d ever wear that outrageous but bold item and you wish you had a friend to try it with. Or if both of you have fallen in love with the same look but still make it your own even when you’re matchy-matchy.

Dressing modestly or making modest fashion your style is a fun challenge as it is when you have a variety of lengths and fabrics to play around with. Make it even more challenging by going for co-ords with your best friend!

Double down with either with the same items or colour palette, or different items with motifs that are repeated in both of you. The trick is to look not the same, but similar.

Think Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who have inspired many with their counter-cultural modest fashion looks after their teeny-boppy era. Their signature look with drapey coats and scarves with modest monochrome colours is a good place to start.

Or look in the direction of the Quann sisters with their huge hair that’s become a part of their twin identity along with their modest vintage style. If you like the eclectic style, try the looks of stylist Elisa Nalin and fashion blogger Tamu McPherson with their colourful and textured style.

Here are some looks that inspire you to take on the twinning trend with your “twin”!

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