When it comes to clothing, there are simply essentials you need to always keep handy in your wardrobe. The same goes for travel clothes.

There are many choices for travel clothes for women; however, key pieces will make it easier for you to plan and pack your luggage efficiently.

Regardless of what season you'll be travelling, these effortlessly stylish travel attire are simple enough for you to mix and match throughout the year.

You can even incorporate most of the travel essentials into your modest wardrobe. Here are 6 travel essentials that you can bring to style your conservative outfit: 

  1. Stick To Basics

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Basic is the way to go if you want your clothes to go the extra mile. A simple, solid-coloured t-shirt can be paired with different kinds of attires. You can dress it down with casual, loose-fitting pants or dress it up with an elegant maxi skirt.

If you want to stay fashionable and learn how to dress conservatively, a simple black t-shirt is a traditional fashion piece must-have!

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An untucked, loose fit black t-shirt shows a casual and laid back look, perfect if you want to feel relaxed without compromising on comfort.

You can also choose to tuck it in your skirt or pants for a more put together look. The accessories you pair with your t-shirt will also contribute to how casual or dressy you want your overall outfit to look like.

The bottom line is, you can style multiple outfits that are both conservative and trendy with just one basic t-shirt. It makes for more efficient packing to bring a clothing piece that you can wear in various ways.

  1. Basically, Dress it Up

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When you hear the term ‘crop top,' you wouldn't really associate it with modest clothes. After all, most crop tops tend to show more skin. However, a loose fit crop top with a more structured design can also be a great fashion piece for modest attire.

Stick to solid and neutral colours like white, black, and grey if you want your dressy blouse to match with most of your other pieces easily.

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You should also invest in a top that's more like a blouse than a shirt for times when you need to dress nicely when you're travelling. You never know when you’ll encounter a restaurant with a dress code or a sudden party you’ll have to attend.

A solid-coloured white cropped blouse is a perfect way to look effortlessly put together. It's chic, stylish, and can be styled with a long high-waisted bottom for a more reserved look. 

  1. Classically Denim

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It's not lightweight travel clothes, but no one could deny the versatility that a simple pair of denim pants have to offer. Dress it up or down, denim pants are timeless enough to fit most places and occasions.

Having a pair on hand is the smart thing to do when travelling! You can also style denim pants in a way that you’ll still be wearing cute and covered clothes wherever you go.

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A pair of denim jeans will provide you with countless ways to achieve looks that are effortless as well as trendy. Denim also keeps you covered up which is great if you prefer wearing stylish modest clothes.

Plus, denim pants can be worn in all kinds of weather. It keeps you warm enough if you travel somewhere cold and also, protect you from sunburn in places where it is sunny. 

  1. Maximise Your Skirt

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Opting to wear modest clothes for women is an exciting challenge since you’d have to think of creative ways to navigate existing fashion trends while retaining your more conservative preference.

One good way to liven up your look is investing in a brightly coloured or interestingly patterned fashion piece.
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A maxi skirt is an excellent way to stay covered and yet remain cool in warmer weather. Choosing maxi skirts made from lightweight fabric not only keeps you comfy throughout the day, but it will also help lessen the impact it has on your baggage weight limit.

Depending on what you pair it with, maxi skirts can also be worn throughout all the seasons! The number of ways you can wear a long skirt is definitely a plus for any jet setter.

  1. Different Ways, Same Dress

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An overall dress is not only youthful, but it also can be styled in numerous ways. Think summer, spring, fall, and winter!

All you have to do is change the top you're wearing underneath to alter your whole look drastically! Keeping this loose-fitting overall dress in your luggage provides you with another versatile piece that you can take anywhere, anytime.
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Sure, most overall dresses tend to be short! But if you find one that looks great on you and makes you feel comfortable and confident, then go for it! Style it in such a way that you are still wearing it conservatively.

  1. Layer Light

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When you're travelling, it's also a good idea to keep in mind what you plan to wear during your flight (especially if it's a long one!). You will need to stick to a presentable yet comfortable outfit. An excellent way to look airport chic is with a light cardigan. 

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Airports and aeroplanes can be chilly because of air conditioning. You should be prepared to wear something to keep you warm. A solid-coloured light cardigan is a great way to keep yourself comfortable and looking stylish at the same time. 

Of course, there are many ways to pack when travelling, but if you want to stick to the basics that will allow you to comfortably wear a lot of different outfits, then curating key pieces is the way to go.

The examples above are pieces that you can build on with different styles and are definite must-haves, but feel free to add more to your list!  

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